Sustentabilidade Óxido brings sustainability and productivity together by searching for and using practices and technologies that reduce the environmental impacts of its production processes.

Óxidos’ Environmental Policy
To deliver on its commitment to become a leading example in the lime production market, Óxidos is also committed to being environmentally responsible. We pursue ways to achieve material, economical and social progress without losing sight of the environmental support capacity. We focus on continuous improvement of environmental quality to protect public health and the population’s well-being, as well as current and future socioeconomic activities.

Ecological Footprint
Oxidos’ sustainable practices align continuous environmental improvement with the stakeholders’ interest. Among these practices are:

– Use of a Centralized Environment Management System.
– Predominant use of Biomass as a source of renewable energy.
– Reforestation: We will reforest an area of 2,640 hectares in 2011, and is also expected to become self-sufficient in eucalyptus production and throughout the whole energy chain.
– Carbon Footprint: We invest in mass inventory and balance of carbon footprint.
– Continuous optimization of Óxidos’ Air Pollution and Industrial Effluent Control Systems.

GreenBuilding Methodology for the new projects, including:
– Rain water collection and reutilization for multiple use.
– Use of low-impact, recyclable materials in constructions.
– Predominant use of sun energy for heating and illumination and subsequent lower energy demand.
– Infiltration basins to drain water.
– Selective collection and adoption of composting plants for organic residue.
– Use of green roofs with local plants from karstic areas.