Products and Solutions

Soluções e Produtos The production of industrial lime is expected to achieve no less than 5.3 million tons in the Brazilian market in 2011, which will probably place Brazil in the fourth position in the ranking of large producers.

There are two types of limestone: dolomitic and calcitic lime. Óxidos is currently the largest dolomitic lime producer in South America, as it has installed capacity of 1,500 tons/day and 45,000 tons/month.

Óxidos comprises six production units, located in the Municipalities of Arcos, Córrego Fundo, Pains and Pedro Leopoldo, namely: Cal Cruzeiro, Gecal, Tecnocal, Cal Master and Cal Ferreira. They have seven vertical furnaces and four rotary kilns.

Óxidos’ main products are: Quicklime (calcitic and dolomitic lime), limestone and hydrated lime.

Calcitic Quicklime: used in several industries, such as iron and steel, chemistry, sugar and alcohol, pelletizing, paper and cellulose, and fertilizer. Óxidos’ production capacity is 600 tons/day.

Dolomitic Quicklime: mostly used in the iron and steel, sugar and alcohol and civil construction industries. Óxidos’ production capacity is 1,100 tons/day.

Limestone: used as a dressing on lime-deficient soils to lower their acidity for agriculture; it also has some industrial applications.

Hydrated Lime: also widely used in the iron and steel, sugar and alcohol industries, as well as for civil construction and water treatment.

Both the calcitic and dolomitic types of lime provide different grain sizes, from micro-pulverized to 40 mm, to meet all sorts of demands.

Other solutions are developed according to the process needs required by Óxidos’ clients. Our distinguishing feature consists precisely in considering our products as a mean, rather than the end of the process.