Our Company

A Empresa Mission:
To be acknowledged by our clients as an innovative company that is capable of realizing gains and therefore establishing itself as a totally differentiated organization in the industrial lime market. By doing so, we aim at offering our stakeholders opportunities to invest in our businesses.

To build a company that draws on lime as a basis to invest in business with high aggregate value for our shareholders, employees, clients and the society.

Get to know Óxidos do Brasil:
Operating since 2004, Óxidos do Brasil gathers shareholders who average over 40 years of experience in the lime industry. The result of a merger involving the companies Cal Ferreira, Tecnocal and Cal Cruzeiro, Óxidos do Brasil is a group that has 16% of lime market share in Brazil.

The group primarily focuses on establishing a new way of doing business. What differentiates Óxidos do Brasil is our ability to provide our clients with customized solutions. By removing barriers to change, the group has been finding its natural and gradual way to innovation.

It is Óxidos’ belief that the aim of innovation is threefold: sustainability, development, and profitability. Innovation lies in building long-lasting partnerships that go beyond commercial relationships and result in profitable solutions to all parties involved.

The Óxidos way of doing business also draws on cooperative professional relationships, which reduces hierarchy and ensures trust and reliability as a means of bringing clients closer.

The group has recently invested in the implementation of the Technology Reference Center (TRC), in the surroundings of Arcos Municipality, to both gather information on the company and the clients, and to be a databank for further technological development.