Clientes Óxidos works in partnership with large-sized companies to produce 600 thousand tons of lime per year. The partner-customized operations result in strong and long-lasting partnerships that are based on transparency. From the Óxidos’ perspective, lime is the window for further business opportunities.

Óxidos’ innovative focus on relationship means working closely with clients in order to identify demands and develop specific products as a means of providing customized and adequate solutions.

Our key partnerships are those developed with Vale, Usiminas, Gerdau, Arcelor, Dow Química, Alcoa and ThyssenKrupp CSA.

Óxidos also develops an Internal Quality Assessment Program with the objective of controlling efficiency in delivering services and assuring clients’ total satisfaction. Óxidos continually invests in its people as a means of developing the sort of competitive edge from which both the group and its clients can benefit.