Alianças Companies:
Where most see loss, Óxidos sees opportunity Partnerships evolve in the form of a network built to serve the clients’ needs with exclusivity, focusing on the whole, rather than on parts of the process, as a means of easily identifying the most suitable solutions.

These are the objectives that the group shares with its partners:
– To find the best solutions wherever they are;
– To remain as the best supplier of dolomitic lime in the country;
– To be an example of an environment-friendly lime company that moves beyond compliance with environmental law requirements.

Technology Reference Center (TRC):
The TRC mission is to develop and improve technologies related to lime production and mining; to carry out daily Quality Control of the production batches and implement Process Control measures; to promote integration among the sales, technical assistance, and process engineering departments; and to provide quality reports to clients in a timely fashion.

Available for the units Tecnocal, Cal Ferreira, Cal Master, Gecal, Cal Floresta and Cal Cruzeiro, the TRC Lab is intended to be a key tool to both monitor the production process of the operational units in real time and to carry out environmental analyses as required by the regulatory bodies, namely: Fundação Estadual de Meio Ambiente (State Environment Foundation) and Ministério Público (Public Prosecutor). The tools available enable clients to access the production databank and retrieve timely and reliable information.

TRC is also capable of providing high quality services with high aggregate value from the perspective of environmental control and physical-chemical analysis (ISO 17025 Certification).

As a pioneer in forging partnerships with universities, Óxidos has established a close relationship with the Federal University of Uberlândia, State of Minas Gerais, aiming at developing new technologies. Positive results and process evolution have impacted on the implantation of the Technology Reference Center (TRC). The partnership has led to a change in the business model and demand-driven solution framework.